Online courses

Online courses use the advantages of new technology and enables us to connect people all over the world with classes happening in real time.

Our online courses use specially designed platform for online education through a virtual classroom.

You can see how this works below:

Virtual or 'normal' classroom?

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

New technology has developed so rapidly for such a short period of time that it becomes imperative for education to catch up. The transition, of course, is stressful and costs effort but on the other hand, it is demanding as more and more students cannot fit the old-fashioned system. For us, teachers, it is obvious that something has to be done. However, the process of bringing technology in favour of education requires a lot of money.

In the last few decades some changes became inevitable in the traditional classroom: interactive white boards and TVs connected to the internet. Those technological advancements enabled teachers to engage their pupils visualizing the material, which turned out to be really successful in terms of in class pupil performance. What is more, multimedia used in schools gives students the opportunity to engage in creating their own educational content and learn hoe to present ideas and projects in front of an audience.

Online Courses

Virtual classrooms have developed immensely and have the tendency to be the education of the future. Basically, a virtual classroom provides all the necessary components for teaching and learning. There are a lot of advantages to the virtual classroom: it is ideal for people who cannot leave their homes; it saves time and provides the comfort of studying wherever you choose, and many more.
On the other hand, a lot of people prefer traditional classrooms because they give them the feeling of being part of the process. This way they get a sense of motivation and learn with the tempo created in the sessions.

What to choose?

The two types of classrooms are very similar, the differences come from the medium. No matter what type you choose, it is important to know that both work if the teacher is properly trained and qualified.

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